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Sea buckthorn pulp oil

Sea buckthorn pulp oil extracted from seabuckthorn juice using special manufacturing technology, which ranges from dark red to orange, contains Omegas 3, 7, 6, 9, plus natural vitamin E, carotenoid.

The main benefits of C-Berry sea buckthorn pulp oil are the following

Sea buckthorn is the king of vitamin C

Sea Buckthorn
  • High polyunsaturated fatty acid content
  • Better source of Omega 7 than fish
  • Cellural moisture/ dry cell conditions
  • Digestive support
  • Cardiovascular health

Omega 7 health benefits

Omega 7 is one of the most valuable content to support health mainly in the following ways

Hair, skin and nails

Omega 7 and other components of sea buchthorn helps to restore skin’s natural omega balance. It has a very strong protecting effects for cellular health, including skin cells.

Mucous membrane,
gastrointestinal-digestion support

Omega 7 aids the complex network of mucous membranes overall the human body. Ist main two positive effects can be proven as follows:

It helps improving the operation and health of gastric mucous membranes and ulcers and, therefore, prevents or repairs digestive health issues in the gastrointestial system.

It supplements chronic dryless related issues overall in the human body, especially to relieve dry eyes, mouth and vaginal issues.

C-Berry, buckthorn pulp oil
c-berry pulp oil

Cardiovascular health

Omega 7 aids to mantain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar and so prevents and supports diabetes related diseases. In addition Omega 7 helps smooth artery passages which helps artery walls to mantain strength and flexibility.

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Featured product

Sea buckthorn juice

All juices are pressed in low temperature, gently pasteurized and have a typically high vitamin C content.

Featured product

Sea buckthorn pulp oil
Extra fine concentration

The pulp oil is made by separation during juice production. Thanks to special production process it has a longer shelf life than seed oil.

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